Who is Germaine?

 ​​I grew up in Dyersville, Iowa, home of Field of Dreams, where my parents and their eleven children shared a three-bedroom farmhouse. At the age of five, I was already plotting my escape to travel the world, but never could have imagined that I would have spent seventeen years living in far-flung corners of the Earth: France and Switzerland as a single, professional woman, and then Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia with my husband and children. I’ve moved countless times, developing my respect, appreciation and understanding of what it means to have a home that is nurturing; a sacred space where I can recharge, be creative, love myself, and be nurtured by energy that supports me. I’ve come to cherish my home as the most important nurturing aspect of my life. 

During those years abroad, I had no idea that I was on a spiritual journey, or that the metaphysical sciences would become an integral part of my life. However, all aspects of my past, i.e. education, life experience, family experience, and various career choices have culminated in my life’s passion to practice, speak and consult on metaphysical sciences. I try to remain balanced by practicing Feng Shui and other metaphysical sciences, eating an organic and gluten free diet, and respecting the body, mind and spirit dynamic. I love being an integral part of my phenomenally wonderful children’s lives. Food and all things delicious tempt me. Creative thoughts, ideas, concepts and technologies keep me in awe. I strive to create beauty and loveliness in my own home as well as in others’, and enjoy sharing my home with friends and family. 

During the past 20+ years, I studied with metaphysical masters in the United States and Asia, and practice Classical Feng Shui. I believe that mastery of metaphysics depends as much on experience as it does academic training, and that my studies are never finished. 

What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is an ancient, Chinese science that was developed over three thousand years ago, and literally means Wind and Water, poetically referred to as the Wind we cannot see and the Water we cannot grasp.  Feng Shui is a science; a system that governs spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy known as chi. This system is used to analyze the environment by using Five element theory—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood—for the purpose of determining the favorable and unfavorable effects of a building, and its impact on an individual.

Feng Shui exists, whether we have analyzed it or not, and it affects us whether we realize it or not.


There are eight “aspects” or qualities of energy that Feng Shui practitioners address:

 1. Career and Business Success
2.Relationships, Partnerships, Motherhood, Marriage, and Female Head of Home
3.Health and Family
4.Prosperity, Wealth and Fortune
5.Spiritual Center
6.Benefactors, Ancestors, Travel, Fatherhood, and Male Head of Home
7.Children and Creativity
8.Knowledge, Intelligence, and Scholarly Success
9.Fame and Festivity

By aligning individual family members with their best directions in a home, they are positioned to achieve their best potential for success, balance, and opportunity in all of the above areas.

Generic Feng Shui of some type is generally practiced, and it’s better than nothing. However, I include a BaZi reading for my Feng Shui clients, because it allows the reading to be more specific, therefore maximizing results. (More on BaZi below.) 



First, I’ll need your birthdate, including the time you were born.

Next, I’ll draw up your BaZi chart, which provides detailed information on your specific elemental composition.

Next, I’ll need to know the year that your house was built, the Facing Direction of your home, and the location of your front door. This information helps me determine how your personal elemental composition aligns with the elemental composition of your current home, or the home you are considering. 

Once we’ve determined the above information, we can then make changes and offer solutions to current problems and goals with the help of Feng Shui.

What is Bazi?

 The BaZi chart is based on Chinese Astrology and describes one’s position in the Universe at any given time. It is a tool to help you take control of your life and maximize your destiny’s potential. While Feng Shui describes energetic relationships of the environment, BaZi describes energetic relationships of the individual. Feng Shui is external, and BaZi is internal.

The BaZi is based on the Year, Month, Day and Hour that you were born, which are called the Four Pillars. Each pillar carries its own set of elements—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element has both a yin and yang component with its own set of unique characteristics, thereby exhibiting ten elements instead of five. The arrangement of these ten elements within the four pillars provides the strength and weaknesses of each element, as it relates to the location of the Day Master, which is the day the individual was born. 

The Day Master is like the Queen on a chess set. She gets her identity from the Day Pillar of the Four Pillars, but her strength is based on the location of the other elements around her. 

BaZi—like Feng Shui—is based on a time and space continuum, meaning that it is a dynamic and changing system that responds to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Therefore, one’s life path, or destiny, changes constantly depending on the movement of the stars in the Universe and one’s personal choices, which can only be determined by the individual.

Armed with the information that a BaZi analysis provides, we can position ourselves vibrationally in order to achieve our greatest potential. 

Why Do I Need Bazi?

 BaZi is a science that provides knowledge to help you understand yourself better. The BaZi chart provides a sort of roadmap to an individual’s potential, and the capacity for achieving it. Once we understand the terrain of our life’s journey, we can more easily harness the opportunities and manage the obstacles to achieve the best outcome. BaZi can help us align choices with goals and potential. 

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, BaZi is a resource that can help you navigate your choices to best optimize the outcome. 

1. Do you feel like there are blocks or obstacles that keep you from progressing in your career?
2. Are you wondering if a business decision is right for you?
3. Are you feeling bored or unfulfilled and not sure why or how to overcome it?
4. Are you in a relationship that feels destructive or unsupportive?
5. Do you have a life altering decision to make, and can’t decide what is best?
6. Are you concerned with an inability to get along with a business partner, an in-law, or a family member? Do you want to know why and how to handle the situation?  

How Does a Bazi Reading Work?

 First, I’ll need your birth date, including the time you were born.

With this information, I’ll plot your elemental composition, determine your Day Master, and analyze the strength of the chart based on the clashes and  combinations that either support or weaken the Day Master. I will evaluate each of the four pillars, and together we will discuss my findings, how it affects you, and what steps you can take to move on.